Monday, November 12, 2018

Do you miss the old days when you were free, careless and wild? Are you tired of your corporate wear and want to show off your untamable nature even at your workplace? Don’t worry, punk, we’ve got your back! Here are a few must-have items that will make you look hardcore yet stylish!
Leather jacket
Check out The Ramones, The Clash or any other punk band and you’ll notice the must-have leather jacket! If you only want to sport one punk garment, biker jackets are where it’s at. They can be worn all day, every day and perfectly fit over any tee, sweater or shirt! A bunch of patches, prints and studs will give your jacket an extra kick of style.

White shirt and tie
This might not be an obvious choice, but a white black tie must have a place in every punk’s closet. Sure, there are plenty of ripped tees and band hoodies, but classic shirt and tie (both for men and women) will never go out of fashion for punks. Wear them loose and casual, for that little touch of anarchy. If it’s good enough for Patty Smith, the Grandmother of Punk, it’s good enough for everyone!

From classic button-ups to checkered pants, plaid is another punk essential! However, you don’t have to stop at clothing! If you want something more subtle, throw on a plaid scarf or get a practical plaid backpack.

Skinny jeans
While skinny jeans started being mainstream popular only in the last few years, punks have been rocking them since ever! Today, you can find all sorts of quality biker jeans in various colors and styles that will give your punk style an edge you need. Some come with an already worn-out look, but you can also distress your jeans at home or at one of the wild punk shows. They really look the best with battle-worn knees!

Dr. Martens combat boots
If you want to leave a clear don’t-mess-with-me vibe, put on these bad boys! Doc Martens are not just an aggressive statement, but they also offer great protection during both mosh pits and crowded subway commutes. Plus, you can sport them with any type of clothing. Today, you can even wear them with a suit if you want to show off your style preference in the workplace and subtly stick it to the man!

All things studded
Another subtle way to show the world that you’re a lean and mean punk machine is to accompany your outfit with a few spikes and studs. They can adorn your bracelets, belts, purses and even collars, depending on how dedicated you are to the punk cause. Shiny things like studs and spikes will give any outfit that extreme punk rock note!

There’s nothing punk enthusiasts love more than showing off their music preferences for all to see. So, make sure to get a few buttons with your favorite punk bands and display them on your lapel, sleeve, jacket or bag. However, don’t fake it! If you’re not into the Misfits’ horror punk or The Exploited’s hardcore sound, keep their name off your person!

Since the most punk thing you can do is leave big corporations and brands without their revenue, try your hand at DIY! If you’re creative, experiment with textile dyes, add patches and prints to your tees or grab a pair of scissors and go crazy. You can also grab a spray can, make some stencils and create unique wardrobe pieces. And, don’t worry if it ends up imperfect! That’s the whole point of punk style! 
Being a true punk is not about clothing, but your attitude. However, in order to show off your non-conformist lifestyle, give these punk essentials a try! They will make you feel stylish, wild and free!
This blog is all about fashion, trends and shopping! Don't we all love fashion in one way or another, some seasons better than others. My favorite is fall and winter as I like to layer with light weight jackets.
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My blog is all about fashion, trends and shopping! Don't we all love fashion in one way or another, some seasons better than others. My favorite is fall and winter as I like to layer with light weight jackets.
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