Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Happy Fathers Day To All The Fathers 's In Our Lives"

Good morning everyone, we had a great event on Friday and I wanted to personally thank our participants, we enjoyed meeting Cynthia Anisworthe, author of "Front Row Center", she will be autographing her books that were sold during the event, and if you were unable to attend, on her website she has the 1st chapter if her book in audio that you can listen to. Her book is available online at her website by CLICKING HERE , please stop by if you missed our event, very riveting Romance.

And we would also like to thank Debbi from Really Smart Deals for her showing us how we can market our companies, she as an outstanding way to market, you should check out her website at Click you can participate at a Free level she has been on the Internet for over 5 years and is experienced in marketing, she has over 2300 participants.

I would also like to thank Andrea for her participation and introduction of her amazing product of MonaVie, you need to stop by here page to learn more about this all natural product she offers, a fabulous way to rid toxins, build energy and to give an overall feeling of wellness. If you would like more information Click Here to learn more.

I would like to thank Sheri Cartwright for sharing her story with us on her journey and success in using her amazing product It Works, this is also an amazing all natural product and a way to get phenomenal weight loss results without drugs and a great way to rid your body to toxin build up. To learn more about Sherie's amazing product please take sometime and visit her by Clicking Here, stop by and say hi. She has before and after pictures of her fantastic results of her personally on her website.

Thank you to all those Members and Guests in your participation of this Event, and hope that you were able to meet new friends and learn about new products and services, Thats What these Vendor Chat Events are all about. Thank you Karren