About Me

About Me

I have been working on the internet since 1991 but did not really get into the blogging scene until 2009 when I created a social network called Live Laugh Love To Shop, I have 689 members both men and women, all ages.

Live Laugh Love To Shop it is all about fashion and that has always been one of my passions. Whether its about hair, shoes, clothes, jewelry, accessories, purses, I love them all and this is what “Live Laugh Love To Shop Blog” is all about. A way to express what I like in the way of colors and styles. I love Pinterest, as it is a way to create fun boards for me the talk about and share. I write product reviews that are related to fashion, offering events, contests and giveaways.

The next is “Oh! My Heartsie Girl”, this blog is all about being finding ways to be frugal, sharing ideas, recipes, gardening where I write product reviews that are home related, events, giveaways and contests.

I have really found that blogging is such a rewarding experience and I have met so many wonderful friends while visiting other blogs. It has also given me the opportunity to create a niche for each blog, which took a while.

I hope that you will enjoy both blogs. Thanks for coming by


  1. I knew all about "Oh My Heartsie" but I am now a fan here as well!!!

  2. I wish that I could stay at home and blog and make money. But I can't seem to do that. So every day I go to work and pray that someday I will get to. I'm new to blogging also, so I guess it's better to learn more first anyhow!

  3. Hi Karren, I don't know this link. It's not me!
    Now i seach, what you are mean.
    invitation for your link-party? Its interessting to see.
    I can't commtent on your Wordpress-Blog (java script defect) :( and so i used cantact formular.
    Thanks for visiti my Blog and comment.
    Your blogs are very nice.
    xoxo, Wieczora (◔‿◔) | Mein Fotoblog


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