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4 Tips for Revamping Your Beauty Routine

4 Tips for Revamping Your Beauty Routine The great thing about having a regular beauty routine is the habit of it. With minimal thought and practiced effort, you can do as much or as little skincare and makeup application as you'd like. You already know what works for you and how to best use it, and don't need to waste time trying to decide what to put on your face today. But that doesn't mean you can't shake things up a bit. In fact, experts recommend  changing up your beauty routine  for a myriad of reasons, like if you stop seeing results or want to see different ones. Watch What You're Putting Into Your Body Did you know that something as simple as drinking more water can have major  beauty benefits ? By choosing to refill your water bottle rather than grab that Diet Coke on your lunch break, you'll give yourself and your skin an easy beauty boost. Even sparkling or fruit-infused waters can have a positive impact. Similarly, eating well, with a pa

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