Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{"Wednesday Blog Hopping"}

Today is Wednesday and I am reflecting back on my week so far, as I do each week, thinking about what I have accomplised and with a few days left what more I can do. Because I am so new at blog hops and running around following and trying to get followed I am wondering what is the best way to approach this.

I have had some successful blog hop and some not so successful, so I researching others blog and doing intereviews with those that seem to always have success, I want to become good at the blog hops, I want to support others in their efforts because that is what I like to do.

I want to find compaines that I can do reviews for. So I think I have to do more reading and try and follow a guru of blog hops, do you know anyone like that, you would care to share. Please leave me a comment and suggestions. If you are visiting please also follow my blog and if you like add me to your blog roll, that would be nice. If you would like to share with me your take on "Hops" I would love to hear from you. I will be writting a feature post to share exerpts of your comments in up coming blog posts and will include a link to your blog. You can email me at ohmyheartsie (@) (

I will follow if you leave me a comment and you can post in the linky and follow others, Have a great Wednesday and I will try and figure out all about this blog hopping and the best way to go about them.

Thanks for stopping by, oh and you can also participate in the blog hop below

"Relax and Make Friends Wednesday Blog Hop"

Relax and Make Friends Blog Hop

"Hi today I am following Rachels Give Aways Relax and
 Make Friends Wednesday Blog Hop"