Friday, January 13, 2012

Pinterest Findings

So you all now I am in love with Pinterest, so I went in search of romantic places
and came up with all these wonderful pics. They are awesome, if you have a link to one
or your would like me to follow on Pinterest, leave me your link and I will come see your
favorite, maybe you will see them here some day, Happy Pinning!!

I could not resist to share this pink alcove bed!!!

Not sure but I think someone really likes ruffles, I do
to but I have never seen them on a wall.

Wouldn't this be a fun bedroom, my husband would not like it
cause its pink, but I do, and it would be a very romantic place.

This one can be found on Pinterest 
Ok so I'm visiting my favorite place again, like when I want to take 
a break from working and you would normally thumb through 
a magazine I have to get my Pinterest Fix.

Then this is lovely reminds me some of Lawrence of Araba?
I think those lights be a little problem, but nifty idea.
And on Pinterest

And then I thought I saw everything and stumbled on this
wow, you might roll off into the water...........
But it is cool
Oh My Gosh!~ If you love alcove beds this one looks so warm
and cozy for the winter to snuggle in................what do you think?