Saturday, September 8, 2012

Surprise Mystery~ Enter To Win In The 10 Gift Giveaway

Rjay's Freebies is hosting a Surprise 10 gift giveaway for the month of September!

For the longest time I have been doing a daily giveaway and I've decied it's time we take the prizes to the next level. Starting in September Rjay's freebies will be doing a monthly giveaway every month!
Here's some hints for you:
Gift 1- Well this is just as cute as can be and is for ages 6-10yrs.
Gift 2- Usually without a clasp, often worn high up round the arm or sometimes    round the ankle
 Gift 3- Some thing shiny
Gift 4- Gold
Gift 5- blue attached to a string

Gift 5- Pink that carries true heart

 Gift 6- Religious
Gift7- White
Gift 8- Has lots of beads
Gift 9- light weight
Gift 10- has a sun on it

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