Monday, January 9, 2012

Questions about Rafflecopter~ Whats Your opinion??

I am looking for feed back on Raffelcopter can you help?

I wonder if you could help answers about rafflecopter. I am trying to learn about this new way of having hops and events so any help would be appreciate it.
1. That would be, how do you get people involved to actually participate and pay to have a giveaway?
    When you would be doing a cash giveaway?
2. Do you personally approach other bloggers to ask them to be involved in the giveaway?
3. How often do you personally create a event yourself? And why?
4. Do you just find these events from popular bloggers? And if so are there some you suggest that get you more response to your blog?

Please post in the comments and leave your link so I can come visit......................
I think this would give me some idea and help me along.

Thank you in advance, Karren Haller