Questions about Rafflecopter~ Whats Your opinion??

I am looking for feed back on Raffelcopter can you help?

I wonder if you could help answers about rafflecopter. I am trying to learn about this new way of having hops and events so any help would be appreciate it.
1. That would be, how do you get people involved to actually participate and pay to have a giveaway?
    When you would be doing a cash giveaway?
2. Do you personally approach other bloggers to ask them to be involved in the giveaway?
3. How often do you personally create a event yourself? And why?
4. Do you just find these events from popular bloggers? And if so are there some you suggest that get you more response to your blog?

Please post in the comments and leave your link so I can come visit......................
I think this would give me some idea and help me along.

Thank you in advance, Karren Haller


  1. Stopping by from the Alexa Hop on Mommies POV.
    I love rafflecopter......I haven't organized my own hop just because there are so many great ones out there, I'd rather just join one! Feel free to take a peek at some of the ones I've joined, most of those bloggers have hops every few weeks!

  2. I won't do rafflecopter because I want to make sure my readers who are loyal enough to leave comments are the ones who are winning! You might get several thousand entries with rafflecopter, but I feel if someone is taking the time to comment and enter, then they for sure deserve it! Rafflecopter also cuts down on page views and comments which many stats look at.

    I also don't participate in those blog hops or pay to do any giveaway.

    Sorry I'm not more help!

  3. I love rafflecopter and use it all the time. I run giveaways a few times a week and it is the only way to go. Yes, it does cut down on some stats but I am fine with that. I usually make a mandatory entry to comment. Also, I am a new follower if you like to follow back:)

  4. I used rafflecopter for the first time the other day. I thought it was a fabulous discovery. I like how seamless it is to get all of the entries in. As the person entering the giveaway that is a plus - not time consuming. I've found a great app on FB to host my giveaways, and now I think I've found one for my blog. I may have a giveaway by the end of this month or by next, on my blog. I receive hundreds of entries on my FB giveaways, hoping the same for my blog using rafflecopter. The name is too cute!

    I ditto Melissa on the stats and the mandatory entry to comment.

    I use to count on loyal readers to enter, but since I am in the business of retail, I am more interested in getting my products into the hands of consumers.

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