FRONT ROW CENTER, Barry Manilow's
inspiration and dedication!

In consideration of the wonderful inspiration Barry Manilow has played in my decision to take a new career path, the following is the dedication to him, as can be read in my novel,

"In Dedication… To Mr. Barry A. Manilow, who has been the sole inspiration for the creation and ultimate completion of this literary work. His passionate lyrics and beautiful music inspired and gave me the courage to undertake an art form that I hold dear to my heart. Mr. Manilow’s advice to 'Follow your dream' provided me with steadfast determination to remain faithful to my goal. It is with the deepest and most sincere respect and admiration that I dedicate my first book, Front Row Center, to Mr. Manilow."--Cynthia B Ainsworth

5-Star Review - A riveting and original novel, February 11, 2009 By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

A 2008 Independent Publisher Award Winner in the Romance category, Cynthia B. Ainsworthe's "Front Row Center" is a superbly crafted novel that is only available as an E-Book, published as a CD text. The story of Taylor Allen, a happily married business woman, begins with her attendance at a concert where she encounters Larry Davis, a world-renowned singing idol and eligible bachelor whose passion is for his music. Yet Larry finds himself as much drawn to Taylor as she is to him as she sits in the front row, center seat, where their eyes meet and a kind of electricity passes between them.

What happens next is told in the form of a fast-paced narrative as Ainsworthe explores through the lives of her characters just what would make a happily married woman cheat on her husband. The answers are neither simple or predictable. "Front Row Center" is a riveting and original novel which can be confidently recommended for readings who prefer their romance literature to be sophisticated, complex, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and thoroughly entertaining.

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Cynthia Ainsworthe 5:30 PM
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