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Live Laugh Love To Shop
Date June 6-8 2009

Good Morning Everyone, I want to give you all a warm welcome, and let you know how much I appreciate all those that have taken part in inviting your friends to join you at Live Laugh and Love To Shop.

I would like to recognize our Network Administrators they will be helping me to make things run smooth here and to help when ever you need it. Please feel free to contact anyone of us at anytime.

Marla Ellis
Candice Queen
Indre Ashely Greeter
Sheir Carpenter

Introduction of Our Administrators:

Marla Ellis ~ Administrator: Shaklee
Candice Queen ~Administrator: Queens Designz

Sharon Lear ~ Administrator Of Artistry Arts
Indre Ashely Greeter Iggly Biggly

As our network develops and is going through the growing stages please watch for new additions of new GROUPS our NEWSLETTER and a GUIDE for our network and tweaks I may do to the site, and please be patient.

NEWSLETTER: If you have something you would like to contribute you can email it to me. I am looking for anything that is of interest to you and our members.

NEWSLETTERS: I am still looking for articles and content for our newsletter.

Last night we had our first online party and I thought it went really well, at one point we had 11 people on online, Sheri Carpenter was the host, explaining her product and how it works, “It Works” by doing so she had some sales and helped us understand what her product is about and gave us a chance to get to connect with our members. If you would like to find out more please visit her page Click Here, she would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Second Party: To start with the Nings were down so we were not able to begin on time and alot of member were confused as to where to find the Chat room after much persuasion I was able to get a few them into the chat room. I'm still learning how this all works and apologizes for any frustrations. However, good time was had by all at a meet and greet and vendor party we also chatted about products and shared ideas.

FUTURE PARTIES: In the future if anyone wants to host a party to sell product just let me know and I would be happy to help you send invitations for it. If your interested please email me at least 3 days in advance. Check in Events
for dates of future parties or chats.

FUTURE VENDOR CHATS: If you come to the chat room the first time the moderator will need to make you a member, then you will be able to communicate and partcipate with the chat.

GROUPS: We have additions to our groups and would invite you to choose one or more to join, you can send messages from your group to those in the group. Click Here


We have had a really good response in those posting photos and I would like only products posted as sometimes these are taken to other websites and personal pics are best kept on your Meet Me On My Page.

PHOTOS: I think everyone is finding out how to post their photos, but if you need help with this let me know and I can assist you. If you need help with Etsy please email me.

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