Week June 21st-June 28th

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you an update of what is going on here at Live Laugh and Love to Shop aka (LLLS). Support Our Member Page I have been making additions to our network and we have a Support Our Members Page, this will be to feature a member and will changed weekly and is a platform to help you as a member to feature your business and to start with I have started with Candice Queen, a design artist that has done some work for me, I use here dividers through out our site here I was very pleased. Please read about her on the Support Our Member page located under Fabulous Members. We have some wonderful members coming, thanks to all of you for your gracious invitations to your friends, thanks, and if you like it here, and if you haven't done so please send and invitation to your friends to join.
New Group: Vendor Chats-Vendor Events Here
Questions I purpose to you for LLLS

Here at Live Laugh and Love To Shop, I would like you to share your opinion/ideas on what you think a vendor chat here, vendor events here should be, should it have a theme, be open to just a general vendor chat, a chit chat, for members to meet and greet? How often should we have the different events? How long should they run? Should each member be timed? Please share your thoughts here, Thanks Karren

OUR BLOGS Our Blogs: If you haven’t had a chance to check our blogs please do so at: Our cooking blog features a friend of mine Martha Cheves Cooking blog: http://livelaughlovetocook.blogspot.com/ Our members blog is a place to catch up, a synopsis of what has gone on at LLLS if your new and want to see what we have done before your arrived. Members Blog:


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