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Tamara Mesenbourg

My name is Tamara and I live in a small town in eastern Minnesota along the St. Croix River. I have 4 kids and have been married for 23 years. We live on 5 acres surrounded by woods and absolutely love it. I have 5 chickens, a bunny, a cat and my buddy, Ayla (yellow lab). Helping other moms grow their business is my passion. I work really hard on my online businesses to continually offer work at home moms ways of advertising for free or affordable. The internet is very competitive these days and marketing an online business is not an easy task on a budget. I love to market, network and make great online friends. Visit Tamaras Page Click Here


  1. Hello Tamara! I am responding because of coincidences that I noted in your intro!
    I am from New Brunswick, Canada, born along the St. Croix River that borders Canada & USA (St. Stephen & Calais, Maine)... and I have a yellow Lab named Abbie
    My daughter and I represent a Weight-Loss CHOCOLATE ... TRU Chocolate ..... visit for all details.
    We thought that this Group would be a good group to become associated. Your comments are appreciated.
    hugh Love & Suzanne Lymburner
    Vancouver, BC, Canada


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