Featured Member 9/9/2009

Featured Member 9/9/2009

My name is Kara Mitchell. I am the proud wife of Jeremy Mitchell and mother of 3 adorable boys ages 9, 8, and 8.

I am also the proud owner of Kara's Beads based out of Portsmouth, Va. Kara's Beads has been in operation since 2004. We specialize in custom made jewelry for all occasions. If you need jewelry for men or children, we have that too. Visit us at: www.beadlady.us

My philosophy is to share the wealth and knowledge. This said, I encourage all women business owners to participate in Live Laugh Love, by having your own site here. I also hope that we can all continue to support each other by feeling free to ask questions and answer them if the need arises. If someone asks, "How did you make that?" I answer eagerly with hopes that the person asking can grow and share as I have.

Thank you and God bless you.
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  1. Popping in from MBC!
    Now following you! :-)

  2. Kara ~OMG, I used to live in Chesapeake, sure miss the wonderful Tidewater Area and Virginia. Do you do any shows there during the holiday season?

    Karren, just to let you know I am following the networked blog too!

    Have a pinkalicious Day!


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