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I'm Kate Jones, owner, founder and sole employee of Om Shanti Handcrafts. I started this business a few years ago as a method of finding homes for the surplus of herbal bath and body products I was making for fun, and a source for raw materials to make more. Since then I've quit my 'real job' in order to have more time for my real job. I've read the ingredients list on the back of too many bath and body products, I guess. So when I make mine I'm very careful that everything I use is natural, safe, and vegetarian. Of course I do no
animal testing (although I did accidentally discover that applying my
Minty Footy Spray to my feet keeps the kitten from gnawing on them as
much). And everything I sell is handmade right here in my kitchen.

Awakening Blend Bath Salts
I make bath salts, body scrubs, soaps, lip balms, healing salves,herbal teas, and many other similar products. One of the best parts of my job, I'll admit, is the product testing -- how many people can take a bath and call it work? -- but I enjoy coming up with new products as well.

Tangerine Vanilla Lip Balm
In addition to my full line of products I also do custom work -- anything and everything from custom labels for lip balms as bridesmaids' gifts and wedding favours to body sprays formulated to avoid triggering allergies to custom-blended bath oil just for you. Have an idea? Get in touch with me -- I'll make it for you, and if I like it enough, I might even name it after you!

Itchiban Powder
It'll be $10 for the anti-itchy bath tea, $6 for the oil (I'm thinking lavender, lemon and grapefruit?),and $5 to ship if you just want to pay me directly. I don't use Paypal to keep track of my invoices so I don't terribly care either way, but if you like more of a paper trail I will totally make it all formal.

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