Womens Ave Blogging Event

Good Morning Ladies,We have a marathon coming up next weekend. This will be a blogging for business marathon. You must signup here on the ning site on the main page to join in this marathon.

As a blogger for this marathon you wil be able to post blog post for 26.2 hours straight about any of your businesses.

The post will be posted on another blog which will then automatically be posted to several of my blogs as well as this ning site and my womens ave radio site. This will be an opportunity for you to get some huge exposure for your business.

The cost is $3.00 to join. The dates are March 19th -March 20th The times will be from 9pm est on Friday March 19th to 11:02 pm EST on March 20th.

Why 26.2 hrs of blogging? Because a normal marathon actually runs 26.2 miles. So were blogging for 26.2 hours!!! This will be fun and a great business building tool.

This will also expose your business in many many places.Below are some rules that must be followed:Rules For The Blogging Marathon:

1. You must be a registered author to post


3. The Post you create MUST be FOR YOUR BUSINESS(S) ONLY!

4. There is a $3.00 Fee to join this marathon. You are not allowed to give anyone else your information for them to post. Again This Must be your own business(s) The business will be checked to ensure accuracy.

*When paying thru paypal, you can enter a note. YOU MUST DO THIS please enter your gmail email address as well as the url for the businesses you will be posting about_________

This is so I can give you access to the blog and add your name to be a author.

5. If you are caught sharing your account with another person who is not a registered author, you will automatically be removed from the marathon.

6. NO ADULT CONTENT! These post go out on google and get listed very quickly, this is also a family safe blog and network. If you own an adult business such as romance products please be careful of the wordings in your post.

7. Do not post anything about you that is personal! Once again this marathon is for business not personal use.

8.You are allowed to ad 1 picture per post of your products.

NO Audio or Video If you have any questions you can contact me at owner@womensaveradio.com

Visit Women's Ave Radio at: http://womensaveradio.ning.com


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