I approached Siena Soap company to offer a product review offering our Breast Cancer event  and they
sent me the Facial Serum and Lotion To Go with a choice of fragrance. 

First off the facial serum is great to use at night after washing my face as skin does its best when at rest and will absorb the nutrition it needs during the night. Plus for me the oil would be to heavy to use during the day. It is very light and easy to use, I especially like it around my eyes to help those crow feet that are sneaking in.

The Facial Serum contains Argan Oil, Coconut oil, Rosehip, Borage Oil, Monooi Tahiti,
Jasmine all are plain nutrition for your skin.

The Lotion On The Go is a new concept to me I had no idea such a thing existed  it is portable  goes in my purse and is great to travel with. I dont have to worry about a tube or bottle opening up and pouring out inside my purse or bag. It comes in 4 fragrances almond, cocoa, lavender and rosemary mint. I received the Almond at my request and reminds me of Jergens lotion when I was a kid. 

Mission of Siena Soap Company

Siena Soap Company, LLC endeavors to create elegant all natural soap 
products that supply our customers with the highest quality pure soap possible.


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