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Alice Coaxum Profile
Alice is happily married and is homeschooling her four beautiful girls.
She is a representative for several companies.
And is on a weightloss journey to health and make vlogs on Youtube.
Alice has a Traffic Exchange and sells advertising packages, solo ads etc.
Wildtree is a company that she reps for and has healthy tasty foods, she says
"it doesn't have to taste like cardboard to be healthy".. lol
They have seasoning blends, brownies, breads, dips, infused oils and more. Another company that she reps for is Vitamark International she
sells remarkable health and wellness products like Limu Plus,
Appetizer Diet cookie and VitaOne.
And yet another company that she is with  is Teaporia I sell all kinds of
delicious teas, honeysticks and teasets and cups.
Traffic Exchange: http://wahmsonlinedirectory.com/
   Vitamark: http://alicecoaxum.vitamark.com  
Wildtree: http://www.mywildadventure.info
Blog: http://wahmsonline.info/  


  1. If anyone deserves to be "featured", it's Alice. She works so hard to to help others by giving great advice and support to all. Congrats, Alice!!!!!

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