Tastefully Simple- Traci Kelly

Need some help for these Holidays that are coming up ? There are awesome recipes that will help you for your thanksgiving dinner with the use of Tastefully Simple products and altogether there is 5,100 recipes for use for all different kind of meals including special occassions.

There is the november citrus drink which will be gone before we know it because all those drinks sell out before you know it !

Have a chance to win this drink this week enter by noon tomorrow CST .

There will be more chances to win this month until the drink is gone !

Check out the sales area many of them are a couple dollars lower than they usually would be like so it's an extra saving on the shipping when you Save money from the product that would have cost more if it wasn't on sale .

Who doesn't want to save 2 dollars on products especially when we are getting ready for Christmas Shopping ?

Plus, speaking of Christmas Shopping there are collections of Tastefully Simple products that will help out in the kitchen to make meals absolutely delicous along with treats on the sides to be delicous.

Including Soup on those Trapped In the Home during the Heavy Snow Falls that come and if you don't care for soup alot you can use soup mix to create Yummy Casseroles.

Traci Kelly - Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant


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