Euro Pro Shark


Safe and powerful tool for effectively cleaning all hard floor surfaces
Includes 2 FREE machine washable micro fiber pads
Lightweight, ergonomic design
Ready to go in just 30 seconds
Powerful steam cleaning system eliminates rinsing, wringing, redistribution of dirt on floors, and carrying heavy buckets of water
Leaves floor surfaces virtually dry, with no chemicals left behind
Steam is released by the simple push-forward motion of mopping
Triple-action micro-fiber pad helps to loosen, lift, and absorb dirt with no need for refills or toxic messy chemicals
Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
Stands upright
Refillable at any time
Environmentally friendly - no chemicals!
20-foot power cord
1500 Watts of power
Dimensions: 11.8" L x 6.9" W x 46.9" H


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