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Hi I am Karren Haller and as a bamboopink representative I would like to offer a fundraiser of a different kind!

SELL A HOT PRODUCT! Let’s face it. Fundraisers such as candy, popcorn and over-priced wrapping paper are worn out. People are tired of the same old thing and want value for their money. As a parent, I know I am tired of the same old stuff!

With a bamboopink  Fundraiser, all materials needed such as Look Book, order forms, envelopes, and instructions will be provided to you. I will be available to help answer any questions that you may have. I want your fundraiser to be a success with minimal effort on your part.

Just a few of the many benefits of

Affordability~ Our prices start at $19.00 and up

Variety~ We have a great variety for ages 16-70

Great gifts~ Our jewelry makes great gifts for holidays, birthdays, graduation and more.

GREAT PROFITABILITY! My bamboopink fundraiser program is designed to be easy and profitable for your organization.

What Are the Profits?

Your organization will receive a check for 20% of all the products sold up to $1999 in sales.  If your fundraiser reaches $2000 in sales (very easy to achieve), then your organization will receive a check for 25% of sales.

Shipping on the products is free and all orders (unless direct shipped, or ordered online) and each order will be inventoried, labeled and sorted. Your products will then be delivered to you, individually packaged, for all of your customers to pick up and enjoy. bamboopink will be delivered approximately 2-3 weeks from the time that the fundraiser is closed out.

Each piece of bamboopink jewerly comes package as a gift in a pink chiffon bag and in and individual box designed for your bamboopink  jewelry piece.

I pay out fundraisers donations on the 10th of the month following the close of the fundraiser, and do require a letter stating that you were paid and how much your organization received.

Contact me today to set up your bamboopink 


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