bamboopink Opportunity and Winners of Promotion May 2011

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Hi everyone I would like to share a bit about myself, I like to network meet new friends share my experiences and knowledge of the things I know about. One that I am passionate about and that is working for me is a new company I started with in Feb of this year, I have had great success with, I was able in the first 2 months to win a promotion to for a 2  1/2 day, all expense paid trip to leadership meeting, to Newport Beach, CA to learn more about the company and meet other independent consultants.
Debbie Millar Frances Gadbios, Me and Jude Steele
It was a rewarding experience and was even more inspiring to move forward with a ground floor opportunity. The company is called bamboopink, and Frances is the designer of the jewelry collection called "bamboopink", she has been designing for over 15 years and the owners have been together for the last 10 years with the company called "Jude Frances, which you can Google to find her fine designer jewelry.
I am loving the opportunity I am having to meet new friends and share "bamboopink" jewelry through trunk shows, and the newest way Virtual Trunk Shows held on the internet that you can share with friends all over the USA. the Virtual Trunk Show piece will launch the first part of June.
If you would like to learn more about this company you can start at my blog Click Here or contact me at or visit my Facebook page at Click Here or you can inbox me here, I would like to share more details and how you can earn in so many ways.

The owners in center and and Winners of Contest for trip to Newport Beach CA May 2011


  1. wow..what a great collection...
    love the design
    Those pieces of art that are absolutely stunning!


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