Thursday, October 6, 2011

90 Day Challenge - Live Laugh Love Social Shopping Mall Presents

Lenisa is offering 90 Day Challenges to everyone of you that calls me a friend and those who will soon...No matter what shape you are in, health wise. This program is for everyone and - EVERY BODY!!!
If you have just 45 minutes to spend with me, I will show you what this is all about...Either a one on one meeting or in groups. We call those group meetings, 90 Day Challenge PARTIES...only these parties won't end up with you getting arrested...LOL
I can show you how it works, tell you the benefits of getting involved with Visalus, the makers of the products used in the Challenge and I will show you how you can get these products for free and then some...
What is 45 minutes compared to a liftime of ONLY IF's??? Only if I had a better way to manage my weight...Only if I would have given 45 minutes of my time to find out...ONLY IF....
I am your friend, and I am RIGHT here to help you...
Lenisa Harris Cooper - or 740-466-9729

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  1. If you want to see how well this 90 Day Challenge works, take a look at MY results on the following Link:

    I have less than a month to go and can't wait to see how good I look...For only 90 Days, Aren't you worth that little bit of time???


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