Dachshund Potty Philosophy From Kathy Adams

This is just a little poem that my sponsor with DARE (dachshund adoption rescue and education) sent to me when I first became a foster mom with that rescue. We were talking about the difficulties of house breaking these little, long darlings. I've tried to find the author of this poem but nobody has claimed it. Anyone who is owned or has been owned by a dachshund will surely be able to relate.....

My 2 "Spawns of Satan" Smidgen and Smoke

~Dachshund Potty Philosophy~
Doxies belong to an international sorority
It’s called “Pooping outside is not a priority”!
Did I mention they don’t like wet grass?
It’s poop on the sidewalk and run in fast.
And forget it when it rains
They use that rug by the door, the one that’s stained.
Some doxies find a nice, dark carpet is high on their list.
So be careful or that last step may go “squish”!
Always wear your glasses and washable shoes.
And be extra careful how you move.
So rip up the carpet cause it ain’t gonna stop.
Buy a bucket and bring out the mop!


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