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Ethan is a 3 year old boy; Ethan has autism, global developmental delay, Apraxia of speech and motor skills and dyshagia. Ethan is now living on a bite or two of chocolate pudding. On a good day we can get one full cup of pudding in him.  With 2-3 bottles of milk at bed time. Which isn’t much for a 3 year old to live on. Right now he is maintaining his weight, but there will be a feeding tube in his near future. If he does not get into the feeding clinic soon. That is why his family needs to act now.

His family has been trying to get Ethan into a intensive feeding clinic, but the insurance will not pay for it due to it being out of state. They will pay for one in state, but the only one in their state has a 2 to 5 year waiting list. Which is time they do not have. As with most people, they dont have the $48,000 laying around for them to get him to the clinic. This money is needed to cover the plane tickets, the clinic/treatment, lodging, and food for them while they are in California thousands of miles away from home. At the Clinic they hope Ethan will learn to eat something that will last him a life time. Hoping that this will keep him off the feeding tube.

This is very hard on his family. Since he also has sensory issues, as well as many other problems. No one knows how hard it is to watch a child gag, choke, throw up, and thrust around with every bite of food placed in their mouth. Or to have to hope that their child will even eat today. Sometimes even going through a week of total food refusal.

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