Black Friday Guide

Camcorder Buying Guide

Camcorders are a great toy, and for those seeking to splurge on a new one, the options can be overwhelming. From size to recording format to features and functions, here are a number of things to consider before purchasing a new camcorder. read more.

GPS Buying Guide

For those who are ’directionally challenged,’ a GPS, or global positioning system, for your car is a convenient tool to have. Providing information on location, time, weather, and traffic via a government-owned global navigation satellite system, global position systems have become a common addition to many vehicles sold around the world. read more.

Smart Phone Buying Guide

While some are hesitant to cross over to the darkside and giving up their freedom with a smartphone, there’s no denying that they’re becoming the norm for most cell phone users. Unfortunately, when it comes time to choosing one, the choices can be pretty overwhelming. read more.

Tablet Buying Guide

With the release of the Apple iPad a year and a half ago, tablet computers have become all the rage. The tablet computer is essentially a compact laptop that uses a touchscreen interface, and are a popular item among tech-savvy individuals and those seeking to have the newest electronics. For those seeking to purchase a tablet, the options are myriad. read more.

Fall is Here & So Are Summer Savings!

The summer may be over, but the deals are still going strong. Summer items such as patio sets, outdoor fire pits and barbecues are always priced higher at the start of the season, when they’re in demand, and are discounted more and more as the summer months go by. Fall is thebest time to get clearance prices on indoor and outdoor summer stuff. read more.

Laptop / Netbook -- Expert Buying Guide

In the portable computing world consumers have the choice between purchasing a laptop or a netbook. While on the outside these two mobile computers may look very similar, on the inside they are very different. To better understand the differences and help you make the decision for which is right for you, here’s an in-depth look at both the laptop and the netbook. read more.

HDTV Buying Guide

Over the past several years, HDTVs (High Definition televisions) have changed. As recently as 2008, a HDTV was a high-end luxury item. Today, they have become the new standard for television technology. Luckily, their price has dropped considerably, making them affordable to many consumers. Still, before purchasing one, it is important to take the time to understand just what to look for. read more


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