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This is an update to Debbie's Testimonial 

January 10th 2012, On my journey with the ViSalus Body by Vi 90 day Challenge. This has been amazing and love how I feel.. I have lost 34 lbs and 24 inches and down 4 pants sizes in a little over 4 months. I have been maintaining since right after Christmas and keeping off the weight.

My Doctor gave me the thumbs up and said it was very healthy..I also put my husband on the product 6 weeks ago and he is down 20 lbs and loves the shakes. I am a believer of this product and what to help you get you health back. Please take a minute and check out my website

Debbie's Challenge As She Shares HerTestimonial
Hello My name is Debbie I want to start this off with tell you about my journey.
I started a journey of finding away to get healthy and lose some weight.
I have been about 25 lbs over weight for about 3 yrs,
I wanted to do in a healthy way.
Believe me I have tried them all and nothing
worked.I then heard about this product call ViSalus-body by Vi from a friend of mine.
I checked into it what did I have to lose it had a
30 day return policy so I thought what the heck, lol.

I ordered the product and tried it.I was amazed of the shakes they tasted
like cake mix with over 300 recipes.I was like WOW!! The first week
of the shakes1 breakfast and 1 for lunch and a reg dinner just smaller portion.
I was amazed in the energy I had and when I got on the scales
after the first week I had lost 21/2 lbs and 1 1/2 inches.

Well I am now into my 78th day on the 90 day challenge and have lost 22 lbs
and 18 inches and I feel GREAT.ViSalus has not only help me lose weight it has
done so much more.I now have the energy I never had I can sleep at night (like a baby).
I get migraines about 2 or 3 times a month since I have been on Body by Vi
they are 95% better it is great not to have to take the meds now so much.
Visalus has changed my way of life health wise and financially.
My customer's are losing weight and feeling great.....
I believe it is so much I became a promoter and I love it. Debbie Latest Photo>>>>

      Debbie Latest Photo

I love it it is fun and I love to know that I'am helping other, so please if you
are ready for the transformation don't wait just do it !! and there
 is still time for the holidays to look smashing..  I'M glad I did. "ViSalus" is good for
Everybody and Any Body. It is also diabetic friendly and heart healthy.

It is "Gluten free" and "Lactose free". It has helped so many people get there life back.
So what do you have to lose weight, gain lean muscle, maintain your weight,
help with your workouts or just get healthy and feel great. 
It is also a great Company if you are looking for that extra money to ends meet.
Bonuses, Stars and BMW cars..
So what are you waiting for join me on this
90 day Challenge and change your life.

You can find her on Facebook at Debbie Miller


  1. Debbie, what a great testimonial! I started this just a few weeks ago - week 3 ends tomorrow, 11/8. As of last Tuesday I had lost about 5 lbs and about 7 inches overall. And that was just by drinking the shakes for breakfast! After seeing those results, I've started having the shake for breakfast and lunch. Can't wait to see what happens next. BTW - I'm a huge skeptic when it comes to things like this but after following a couple of my friends that I trust completely and seeing their results, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did. Congrats to you and your incredible outcome!!!

  2. Congrats on your weight loss Debbie. Keep up the good work.

  3. I am so proud of you Debbie for your accomplishment. I am looking forward to getting my samples and will write your review. Thanks Karren

  4. Wow, testimonials like this make me want to keep going. Thanks so much for updating and posting the photos. This is mid October, how are you doing now?


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