Thinking Outside the Box Of Normal Gifting

Think Outside the Box
If you and those with whom you normally exchange gifts all agree that you don't need any more stuff, you could...

... skip the gifts at your celebration, but have each person prepare to share about their favorite Christmas(es)

... get together and work on a project (home repair, making a craft, etc.)

... gather with some things you already have and see if anyone else wants them or will swap something for them.

... spend the money you would've spent on gifts on taking a trip together.

... all shop for gifts for someone else (perhaps someone needy, or someone you all want to surprise). For your Christmas celebration, gather together and show the gifts around, then have a group gift-wrap session.

... all donate the money you would've spent on gifts to a church or charity. On Christmas, you could all share where your money went, or maybe keep that information secret and just spend time together.

... pool your money and buy something for someone else or give it all to one charity.

... show photos or just express thanks for specific things people have given or done for you throughout the year. (Actually, this would be a great thing to add, even if you do exchange gifts!)

Do you have ideas you can share, add them to a comment and thanks for stopping by.


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