“I Am More Than Just a Girl”~ Leah Ovieda

Leah Ovieda has written a book to empower young women, with a goal to help all. To much time has passed that more has not been done to help them understand there is a better way. Everyone can benefit from reading this book. In the coming days I will be partnering to help Leah to reach her goal to get to 500 and join her blograise. 
You will also be part of our goal of empowering young women with resources and information. Check out this post for more information: Write What You Know
Do you want to empower young women? Check out this new book for free online, “I Am More Than Just a Girl”. This book includes resources, information and creative resources that will empower girls and young women.
Topics Covered in This Book: *Positive thinking *Self Defense *Beauty and Image *Anger and Stress Management *Confidence *Women’s rights *Career *Education *Empowerment *Individualism *Volunteer and Community involvement *Acceptance of others *Sexual assault *Domestic violence and Bullying
Resources and Creative Exercises included in this book: *Journal Pages *Self expression *Affirmations *Inspirational and motivational activities *Meditation *Self defense guide with instructional images *National Hot-lines
This book is part of a project to encourage more young women to be strong, independent and intelligent. I want women to feel empowered, keep informed and be equal. You should feel that as an individual you matter and with the tools in the book you can accomplish your dreams that may seem out of reach. Realize that circumstances such as your economic situation, race, cultural upbringing and prejudice from others does not have to control your life.
Visit the website here:http://morethanagirl.webs.com/
You too can help in this movement, just visit this site Impower You  then copy and past this post to your blog and encourage your readers to do the same. 
More Links to read about the 500 Blog-Raiser Challenge 
If you write a post, return here and post the link to your post, it will be added to the upcoming Challenge Event on this blog.


  1. Thank you for joining my challenge Karren. It is a pleasure to work with you. This blograiser has been so much fun. That so many people want to join just fills me with excitement. I know this book will help a million young women live a better life with skills they can use forever.

    I have added a permanent link for our blog on my website. http://morethanagirl.webs.com/

    Your blog post will go up tomorrow morning. I will send you the link when it is up.


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