4 Frugal Fashion Tips For The Fall

4 Frugal Fashion Tips For The Fall
The fall is coming and with fall comes the opportunity to update your wardrobe in stylish ways that are perfect for cooler temperatures. From boots to jackets, sweaters to layered tops, there are many ways you can update your wardrobe to both look good and feel comfortable as the seasons change. Looking good in the autumn doesn't have to cost a lot of money, though, if you simply follow these 4 frugal style tips for the fashionista on a budget.

1. Layering
As the summer comes to a close, you may be thinking that you can no longer wear your summer clothes, but this is not true! Just because fall is coming, it doesn't mean you have to spend lots of money to replace all of your summer clothes with fall clothes if you learn how to layer. For example, those pretty summer dresses you've been wearing can make the transition to fall if you add a few pieces. Try adding a pair of tights or leggings underneath your favorite summer dress for an instant fall wardrobe update that doesn't cost a lot of money. Or, wear a sweater or a long sleeved top underneath the dress. Then, add a pair of boots and your summer dress is now perfectly updated for the cooler temperatures of fall. Just remember, you do not want to wear a bright colored dress because subdued colors are the biggest trend for fall. If you do wear a bright colored dress, balance the look by adding a sweater in a more subdued color like brown or black because these types of colors are the clothing color trend for the fall of 2012.

2. Thrift Stores
If you truly want to save money on fall clothes, try shopping at a thrift store. Thrift stores carry a variety of cute clothes at low prices so you can look good without breaking the bank. While you're at the thrift store, try looking for clothing in "bland" colors like beige, white and gray because these colors are the hottest colors for the fall of 2012. Or, look for clothing made of velvet material. Not only is velvet warm, but it is one of the trendiest materials for the fall of 2012.

Paisley Scarves for Fall 2012
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3. Accessorize
One of the cheapest ways to update your look for fall is by accessorizing. From bangles to statement making earrings, a simple change of your accessories can instantly update your wardrobe for a low amount of money. Or, if you aren't into jewelery, why not add a scarf to your wardrobe selection? Scarves are not only inexpensive, but they are a great way to add a touch of flair to any clothing choice. If you want to buy a scarf in one of the hottest designs for fashion 2012, try paisley. Paisley will not only give any look a classic feel, but it is one of the hottest patterns in fall fashion 2012.
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4. DIY 
From giving yourself a manicure to redesigning an old t-shirt, there are many ways you can use your creativity to give yourself a fashionable edge for less. If you've had your eye on an expensive new top that would be easy to create on your own, why not try doing it yourself? There are a variety of diy fashions that can easily be created with a little imagination and some helpful ideas on the internet. Not only will these diy projects look good, but you will be proud of the fact that you created a fashionable look all by yourself! You can find fun tutorials on Pinterest, JoAnn's or Micheal's

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These are only 4 of the many ways you can update your wardrobe for the cooler months ahead without spending a lot of money. From accessorizing to layering, shopping in thrift stores to diy projects, there are a variety of ways you can transform your look from summer to fall without breaking the bank.

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