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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we are putting together an Event,
called “Bloggers Have The Power To Stomp Out Cancer” there will be Giveaways, and Fundraisers to bring the awareness of what can be done and with your help and support we will make this a huge event.

  • If you are interested in participating you can sign up to help spread the word
  • You can share a story for yourself or for a loved one
  • You can sign up to offer a giveaway or participate in one
  • You can join us for Twitter Parties #cancerstomp
  • You could donate a prize and receive recognition during our event
  • You could be a sponsor and we will give you recognition with links
  • You can make a donation large or small to your choice organization
  • We also are offering a product review in exchange for a prize for event 
    • Stay up to date by following Twitter messages with #cancerstomp
    • You can join in the blog hop during the event
Interested In Participating

Free Link for Facebook Fanpage
With Option of $1.00 for other Links
All Monies collected will go into the Finale Event as a Cash Prize
{You Can Sign Up Here Click Here

Prizes For This First Giveaway Event Include:

Arctic Zero Products To include 8 Pints of all the flavors of Frozen Deserts
and 2 boxes of their Bars in Chocolate~Vanilla and a combination box of Strawberry and Orange
chocolate covered bars. They are shipped direct to your house and arrive frozen.

Skoy cloths are great, earth friendly, I like that, they are re-usable, absorbent, and biodegradable.
They can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and on most surfaces of your home and office.
Skoy cloths can be used in place of a sponges and paper towels.

We will kick off the First Event On September 29th at 12:01 AM
More Details In Tabs Above
See Sponsors For This Event { Click Here }

“Sharing A Story”

If you or a loved one has had an experience with breast cancer and would 
like to share your story please write it here {Click Here}
all stories will be shared on our blogs during Oct. events

To Companies:

We would gladly offer a product review for donation of prize.
If you would like more information we would be interested in talking with you
Please send questions and inquires to Karren Haller cancerstomp@gmail.com


  1. Your idea is cool;
    Let me put it on helpspread.com
    I think it makes sense to be there


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