Updates on Breast Cancer Awareness and Events

In our effort to help with awareness I will be sharing with you places that you can show support where big companies match donations with purchases of products, this is the first. Be informed, find services, get involved, find events and see their sponsors.

Visit Bright Pink a national non-profit organization devoted to early detection of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in young women. By visiting the website you can Pink your city , sign up for breast awareness reminders. The group is called Bright Pink 

Don't forget you can write a story about your experience with Breast Cancer or for a loved on or friend.
{Click Here }

All through the month of October we will be having events each week, if you would like to participate and share the awareness you can read this form for all the details of the 1st of the events. {Click Here}
There will be prizes provided by our sponsors which you can view by visiting this page Sponsors For Breast Cancer Awareness More will be added as they come in.

We also have sponsors providing fundraiser with donations going directly to breast cancer associations.

50% Of Sales Being Donated To Susan B Komen At Avon {Click Here}
Or help to sponsor mammograms by making a small purchase from the Breast Cancer Site
Sponsor Free Mammograms Make a Donation {Click Here}

You can share the banner to let others know of our efforts

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