Free Blogger Opp~"Think Pink" Blogger Event

FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!! Blogger Opportunity
Hosting The "Think Pink" Blogger Event along with some other
awesome bloggers that come along with us on  to convey an important message.

These events all through the month of October 
are all about Breast Cancer Awareness and sharing the
importance of getting your mammograms as a baseline 
for you and your doctor to know for the future if there are any changes.
What is your Breast Cancer IQ? Take the quiz!

Now, we are looking for bloggers to help promote and participate in this event. 
Will make this simple, there is need to post a teaser before the event begins!!
However, if you would like to write a post your welcome too.  

"You must have a blog to participate"
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FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!! 
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