(Enter Here) Coupon Binder Extravaganza! 10/30 thru 11/17!

Coupon Binder Extravaganza! 10/30 thru 11/17! Have fun!
Simple Savings For ATL Moms
Breast Cancer Awareness Coupon Binder Event!

Were you aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month?
Both men and women can be affected!

 In honor of all those who have lost their battle with Cancer, SSFAM is making her next Coupon Binder Extravaganza Event a dedication to her grandmother.  In her own words, "I thought I would make this event really special for others who are in support of the cause.  My grandmother used to save on her groceries by growing her own food in her garden.  I learned so much from her when I was young and can still see the figs growing on the fig trees."  This celebration is one you don't want to miss out on.  The gifts and coupon binder are special in that they will have a pink related theme! Learn more about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Keep in mind that the Coupon Binder Extravaganza event will take place once a month and there is no telling what will be included in this giveaway.  There are some really nice prizes.    If you have never used coupons before, you may want to start.  SSFAM will be starting online classes on 12/1/2012! The cost is only $5 per person and completely online in the comfort of your home.  Stay tuned for more details for signup.
You would be surprised at all of the money you could save each month on groceries if you just spent 1 hour preparing for your grocery shopping.  Sometimes, there are great sales that you can find and with the right coupon, you can sometimes get an item for FREE! Yes, FREE!

Now, on to the giveaway! Be sure to look at all the spectacular prizes in the Rafflecopter form below that you can possibly win! This event is designed to get the whole family $aving.  After you enter, tell your friends and family, they may want to enter also.  Oh, be sure to check the giveaway often as prizes that can be won may be added.  You will see the "New! Just added! title along with the prize in the Rafflecopter.  If you want to purchase a coupon binder during this event, head on over to SSFAM and purchase a binder today.  There are many different options to choose from.  Good luck and start sharing!!!

Coupon Information:
Coupon 101!{Learn about coupons}
Coupon Database! {search for coupons}
Coupon binder/Hand Clutch {Purchase a binder for $15 during this event, FREE Shipping-Scroll to the bottom)
2012 Newspaper Coupon Inserts! {Find out which coupon inserts to expect for the week}
Grocery Store Sales Cycle! {Find out when grocery stores place certain items on sale}
How to read a Food label! {Learn the basics on how to read a food label}
Store Ad Schedule! {Find out when grocery stores place their ads}
Coupon Lingo! {Find out what OOP means}
$avings Tips:
CVS Shopping Trip- OOP $4.38!
CVS FREE Cereal! OOP $0.00
CVS FREE Maxi Pads! OOP $0.00

Simple Tips to Increase your knowledge about Breast Cancer!

Perform monthly self breast exams
Have a mammogram starting at age 40.
Visit American Cancer Society!
Visit American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists!
Visit Men Against Breast Cancer!
Visit National Cancer Institute!


This giveaway is being given by Quida- blog owner at SSFAM! I was compensated to share this wonderful giveaway! All opinions are 100% from SSFAM and she loves to $aving and help others through the use of  Coupons, Samples, etc. There is no purchase necessary to enter. This giveaway is not associated with Facebook. Good luck to everyone!


  1. I have been couoponing for almost 3 years. I love it and would never go back!

  2. I've been couponing for awhile now. The most I've saved is 80% on a purchase!


  3. ive been couponing about 8 mo.i m trying to stretch my fixed income budget.the most that i can think of that i saved was about 45.00,plus some half off deals and some freebies with overage.

  4. i had a cousin who had breast cancer,unfortunately she didnt make it. i was only 10 yrs old ,but i remember her jet black.

  5. Ive been couponing for over a year now. I love to make money on my purchases but have only done so twice. My biggest shopping trip was prob when i got 800 dollars worth of product for $75. my best free trip was buying 58 herbal essence items and got 20 extra bucks and a 23 dollar cvs card. I love couponing.

  6. I am new to couponing but am itching to save.

    Desiree Dunbar

  7. I have been couponing for a while, at least 15 years. I know what I want and what coupons don't work for me.

  8. I've tried twice to start couponing, but I can't seem to find a system that works for me, so I end up quitting.

  9. I went to walmart with alot of bogos and free item coupons and my total was $231.84 my OOP was $50.02. My biggest savings ever! The ladies in line were just floored that I saved that much. But that was a long time ago and coupon usage has changed alot.

  10. Yes, my grandmother. She battled breast cancer for over 25 years. First one lump in one breast. Then two lumps in the same breast, and then a mastectomy on that one. Then they found lumps later in her other breast and eventually she lost that one too. My grandmother was a fighter. All during this time of it coming and going, she stayed strong and hopeful. She eventually died at the age of 85 and had been cancer free for a little over 9 years when she passed. Wonderful and courageous woman.

  11. The most I have saved with couponing was a grocery shopping trip that was completely free. It was probably about #35 worth of items but it was still awesome. I tend to average 70-65% off.


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