Mikarose $50.00 Gift Card 11/6

Today I would like to share with you a dress I reviewed for MikaRose. I picked out several that I liked and they chose one to send to me out of the ones I chose. I was amazed with the one they sent as it was just perfect. I chose one that my business partner Debbie could wear as she is the one who dresses up. When I opened it all I could do was stand and stare at it as it reminded me so much of my daughter from the style of the dress to the color of it. I just knew Debbie would Love it as well.

Once she came and I showed it to her she said what I said Suzzane would have Loved it. I had her try it on and it fit her to a Tee. She is short but even the length was perfect. She has lost so much weight that I had to guess at the size and I picked out the perfect size even. I was not sure she would like the cowl collar the dress comes with but she did and stated she would like more dresses made like this. I even asked her if she like the Black Band around it and she said yes as it makes it dressy for Church but still suitable for work.

 She even said she would wear if out on a date and to a party if she had one to attend. With her moving to Oklahoma this made a nice going away present for her. Once she got up there and showed it to my parents they both liked it and had her show them the site so they can shop on it at Christmas. So for us MikaRose was a hit and someone we will shop with again.

 If you have not had a chance to check them out Please do as I have a Gift Card for $50 to Giveaway. Sydney, Cowl Neck Dress Model: F1206 Price: $54.99 Details: Sydney, Cowl Neck Dress Fit: True to size, use knit chart, click here for size chart Total Length: XS-40.5", S-40.5", M-41", L-41", XL-41.5", 2XL-41.5" Please check our store listing page to see if a store near you carries Mikarose by clicking here Colors: Pink Fabric: Shell: 95% Viscose, 5% Spandex Machine wash Giveaway $50 Gift card  You can visit Mikarose for more ideas

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  1. i like the Sydney dress - http://pinterest.com/pin/241435229995065370/

  2. I like the Anne dress http://pinterest.com/pin/557390891350898724/


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