A Public Thank You!!!! The Power of Bloggers To Stomp Out Cancer!!!

A Public Thank You!!!! 

From Live Laugh Love To Shop and Mommies Point of View we want to reach out and let the blogosphere know how dedicated bloggers can be to help spread the word about a worthy cause, that is why
“Bloggers Have The Power To Stomp Out Cancer”, was the original name of this event.

To “all” of the dedicated bloggers that have helped in this Awareness of Breast Cancer through the month of October. Had it not been for them we would not have been able to spread the word so far and wide, to all of you, Glenda and I thank you for devoting a portion of your blogs, your time and your efforts to help us do that.

We Thank each of you for helping to promote Breast Cancer Awareness!!!  

To all of our readers and to all of those that have participated in this event as entrants to the giveaways, we thank you, without knowing you also were a part by spreading the word by tweeting and sharing through the Rafflecopter to Facebook and Pinterest!!! We thank you!

And as I make my way to visit the blogs that have participated throughout this month and read the comments, where readers have shared their stories, we thank you for taking the time in sharing and may all those that have fought this battle and one day the disease that has taken millions, will no longer exist! May they R.I.P!!!

And to my partner Glenda Cates, with out her to brainstorm and work with, listening to my ideas, formulating these events, (which by the way I drove her nuts) I thank you Glenda for being such a good friend and partner!! She has help drive this month of events to keep the buzz going, helping behind the scenes (without her I would have gone nuts). 

But we have loved sharing putting together the events to help drive the message about the importance of breast cancer, we just dont know who it will hit next, but by being aware, sharing with our families and friends to remind us to get those mammograms is the "first step" in detection!!!...............So schedule those annual exams!!
Thank you, thank you all!!!!

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This is a list of bloggers that participated in one or more of the events WOW! We did great!!
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Think Pink

Blogger Have The Power To Stomp Out Cancer

Power In Pink Ribbons
Mommies Point of View

Prizes By Sponsors For This Event!!

Awareness Bands
PayLess Coupon 
Jenny Craig
Zebra Pens
Juicy Buds Earphones



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