(Signup) Starts 1/21 Lets Get Reading Kindle Giveaway

Kindle Giveaway Hosted by Flourishing Life Generations of Savings

This Flourishing Life and Generations Of Savings have put together the Let’s Get Reading! Kindle Giveaway. With your help, we will be giving away a Kindle (if the winner is outside of the US, an Amazon gift card will be sent instead). This giveaway will be open World Wide, so bloggers outside of the US, feel free to sign-up!
January 21st-31st
{Sign-Ups will close when we reach the amount of money needed to purchase the prize.}
The Cost:
$5 for two links, $1 for a third link – payable via PayPal to thisflourishinglife@gmail.com
{Twitter, or Pinterest}
There is a Blogger Referral Prize:
The person that brings in the most blogger sign-ups will receive $15 as either an Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash – their choice.
As A Requirement:
  • You must post the HTML sent to you, which will include the giveaway button, host links, giveaway information, and the giveaway entry form code. We ask that you add some of your own wording to the post.
  • Sign-up HERE to participate in this giveaway! And let them know Karren Haller referred you, please ;)
We would love for you to join the Facebook group to stay up-to-date with the giveaway info.
We are considering possibly using Giveaway Tools instead of Rafflecopter, especially considering how many issues Rafflecopter has had recently. Please contact us if this will be an issue for you. This may not happen, but we wanted to let you know ahead of time just in case.

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