Turning 65~What Now Does Life Hold For Me

Ok I wasnt going to tell I am turning 65 but why shouldn't I, I am a Baby Boomer along with thousands of others, lots of cool celebrities. Turing 65 is a life passage they say, not sure what voyage I have been on, I was not schooled in turning 65, it just happens. And when I googled turning 65, all I saw was AARP, medicare, ways to save on insurance, I got a bunch of junk mail about signing up for Medicare, yeah I have medicare, just means I dont have to pay big premiums for the insurance anymore, and if I need drugs I get discounts. 

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I get some perks, I can join a fitness club for free, I get discounts I did not get before, like coffee at McDonalds for 55 cents, I have to ask as they dont know who is 65, thats ok, at least its like being ID'd when I was younger, a long time ago.............

However, what happened to my body, it hurts in the morning, I cant sleep the way I used to, my favorite position, I wake up all stiff, I can't run circles around my kids anymore, (they used to call me the energizer bunny, I could walk the Mall faster than them) my skin is always dry and I have more wrinkles I need more creams,  but hey, other than a few aches and pains a little tired covering, I dont have much to complain about. I just wish someone would of told me this was coming, they kept it secret, thought I would not find out, ha I did, we all do............

So I'm the big 65 and proud of it, I have seen many changes in my years, not to mention my 4 kids grew up, have kids of their own, and I have great granddaughter and I'm excite to say another on the way.

If you were to ask me what are the biggest changes I have seen in my life, it is all the technology, it amazes me, it changes faster than a roll of toilet paper. Oh and all the wonderful actors and actresses I grew up admiring that have passed on.  

A sad note is to say that I have lost a son James, in my lifetime, was devastating to me, no-one should loose a child while they are a parent. (I miss him so, his hugs were always so special!!) He was loving and kid and would have done anything for anyone!! xoxo

So on this day Jan 7th I will have experienced 65 birthday's, to many candles for a cake now, would burn down the house, but I'd take one.
Love German Chocolate & Ice Cream! To much! 

I wonder what this year has in store for me.............. I know I will keep blogging and meeting new friends and I hope to visit my kids and grandkids more, garden more, eat less, and have some fun!  The Baby Boomers live on............

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  1. Happy birthday my sweet bloggy friend, I hope the day is as sweet as you are. I also am very sorry for the loss of your son. I trust that fond memories have now replaced deep sadness.xo


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