Wake Up Your Wardrobe on the cheap!!

You can give your wardrobe a boost by making a few changes "cheap" and can make a difference in how you look. As women it seems there is so much pressure to look youthful, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with clothes and accessories.  I was reading Live Smart the other day and Lois Johnson that is author of The Wardrobe Wakeup: Your Guide To Looking Fabulous at Any Age.  You can try her expert tips to put some style into your wardrobe without it costing you a fortune. 


1. From eHow you can add skinny belts just above the navel to accent the thinnest part of your waist.
2. For women with long torsos skinny belts look great. And shorter torsos or with a little extra weight it is best to wear a skinny belt through belt loops and around the hips.
3. For a dresser look choose to wear a skinny belt over a blouse and pencil skirt or wide leg trousers. Shimmering, classic or yellow.
4. Using a skinny belt over light layers actually accentuates a women's curves.

Just look around at advertisements  magazines, celebrities, store mannequins to see how they are wearing skinny belts, even Mrs. Obama wears belts over her dresses, pants and skirts.

Think long, lean lines
Look through your wardrobe and find pieces that expose your neck, however the idea isnt to go plunging necklines that are going to reveal a lot of cleavage  choose a boat neck or v-necks or eave a few buttons open. Pair with nude pumps that will blend with your skin tone to add inches to your legs and for me that would be a plus as I am short.  It also creates the illusion of a swan like neck and longer legs.

One color, from head to toe
Try an stay with the same color group for a sleek and vertical line, shades dont have to match perfectly to look youthful and polished. Like putting together a navy sweater with dark washed jeans.

These are just a few of the ways you can boost your wardrobe - show off curves - without bulkiness

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