DIY Fashion Ideas

There are so many inspired ideas for fashion and I found just a few to share. They are all from blogs I have visited through linky's. So what is your inspiration?
When I first saw this dress I thought it would be impossible to re-taylor it into a fashion statement. Well Sarah over at Our Life Is Beautiful did just that. You can find the complete Tutorial Here
Sarah has many dress re-creations you must check out.

Ok I know we are in the middle of summer but who does not love flip flops anytime? 
Laura and Angela over at About a Mom.
Have created this great pair and so easy and inexpensive. $2-$3
Check out the one of their Tutorial's Here

Ok what a great way to re-fashion a "mens shirt into a skirt"? When I first say it I though of so many possibilities, from mens, boys, lady's and little girls shirts. It is so cute and would all be on-of-a-kind fashion statement. You can find the complete Tutorial Here at Cleverly Inspired, Traci Scott has such a perfect name for her blog as she has so many great ideas.

Can you imagine the possibilities for shirts after seeing this inspired idea or the flip flops and the amazing one is the polka dot dress re-tailored that Sarah created with a dress she found at the thrift store into a great dress for work or Church.

There are many things in life I enjoy and one of them is comments when you visit.
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