September Issue Best Covers Fall Clothing

It seems like every year there are animal prints everywhere and this year is no exception. Watch these slide to see the latest...... My favorite is the Cameo Rose!!

Untitled #403

New for fall upcoming looks in colors and fabrics. I love to share Polyvore Boards and these are no exception, they offer great ideas and inspiration. On Polyvore you can create your own, I find I can find boards that have already been created to share.

Since we are going into fall and everyone is thinking back to school, what are things you have been seeing in magazines, advertisements and in stores that you like..........or dislike? Do you have a favorite place you view online fashion, clothes, accessories or shoes. Tell me about it and I will take a look. Maybe even do a review of the site. Are you a fashion blogger tell me that to, maybe I will write up your blog and do a feature spot.

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