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Taylor Swift broke yet another record — this time for maxing out the Staples Center in LA a record-breaking 11 times! To put it in perspective, that's more then Madonna, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. I love the energy she exudes!!!

And more from Polyvore fashions shared............
Dress like Taylor Swift

Denim is alsways in and Taylor seems to like it..............
Dress like Taylor Swift

My favorite oolors are red and black and she seems to like them too.....
Tàylôr swiift

Pantone Colors Fall 2013 Any color from dark to light in these Pantone colors are part of PreFall colors for 2013.

What are your favorite colors and what style do you like to wear, casual, sporty, relaxed? Skinny jeans, flare leg, boot cut? And did you see our Guest writer from Cache.com Megans post Check it out 

Seasonal Trends: Pre-Fall 2013| Live Laugh Love to Shop

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