When A Woman Should Get Fertility Tested-Your Thoughts

A generally healthy woman of child-bearing age should have no problems achieving pregnancy, but there are times it simply does not happen. There can be a variety of problems that keep the happy moment from happening that have nothing to do with fertility. Stress and anxiety play a huge part and the frustration of trying for years and not conceiving adds to those feelings. Offering patients the ability to quickly and easily check fertility can ease their minds and give them hope.

Long-Term Inability to Get Pregnant
How long is too long when a woman tries to conceive and has not had a successful pregnancy? Opinions vary, but it is not out of the ordinary to start feeling some concern after a full year. It might be time to suggest to a patient that their fertility be checked. The tests are easy and the results are fast. It can give them the answers they need to move forward in their goals of starting or increasing a family.

Reasons for Infertility
Blockages of the fallopian tube is a common reason for female infertility. It can be caused from infections like pelvic inflammatory disease or sexually transmitted diseases. Testing is one way to begin narrowing down what the problem may be and beginning treatment. The problems are often easy to fix. Having the knowledge is priceless to an anxious woman wanting to bear children.

Testing for Fertility
A thorough physical exam is the first thing that needs to be done to check out fertility in a woman. Taking a quality fertility test should be included. Diagnostics Automation makes a test kit that is easy to use and simply requires urine. Making this a regular part of fertility testing will give a more comprehensive picture of what is happening.

Hope for Conception
Pregnancy often takes patience and time. Offering a fertility test to your patients can be a way to offer them hope for conception when they are feeling down and frustrated by the process. The results are accurate, fast and the test is uncomplicated.
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