How To Be Beautiful Naturally WIthout Makup

Beauty is not With the MakeUp: How to Be Naturally Beautiful
Beauty is not With Makup: How To Be Naturally Beautiful

Misconstrued Beauty Concepts

It was shocking to most people who heard the news from an Israeli TV network terminating a broadcaster because of the reason, "she was not beautiful.' Receiving the news with coolness, it is up and timely on the research about 'individual perception,' a historic branch of psychology that scrutinizes the many methods in which physical appearance - or the lack of it - affects all conditions of life.

Unless you're on a scale of 10, or nearest to it, you will respond to some discovery with mixed feelings of disbelief or frustration. To make the story short, you cannot overemphasize the essentials of being beautiful.

If you are beautiful, with less effort, you draw attention to a multitude of friends and paramour. You are awarded excellent grades - but less engaging schoolmates. You wrestle successfully with women and men who are qualified but less captivating. Promotions and salary increase easily.

You can access banks or stores easily and encash cheques without any hassle than a plain John or Jane. These are only some of the few worthwhile things enjoyed by those with gorgeous faces and body: woman’s clothing with Ralph Lauren brand, the latest Stuart Weitzman shoe style,  or Louis Vuitton bags from Paris.

So surprisingly to know that beauty has enormous effects. Some findings also go against the cultural grain. Individuals like to presume that success is based on talent, intellectual know-how, and diligence. However, scientific discoveries manifest the opposite.

In some countries, the alluring person can contribute his or her ideal life to an unusual phenomenon that social sciences have designated the "halo effect." It ridicules human understanding, and if you duplicate a Kevin Costner or a Sandra Bullock, it's presumed that you are more charitable, trustworthy, approachable, modest, engaging and sensitive than most of the individuals.

On the other hand, if you are not beautiful or not physically appealing, because of the "horns effect," you are stigmatized as being parsimonious, sneaky, not honest, introvert and a poor sport to associate with.

What is Real Beauty?

Webster’s dictionary defines beauty as “things that please the eye, the hearing, the intellect, the artistic faculty or moral values.” This was the definition since 1913. However, in 2004, a turnabout definition of beauty overhauled the meaning of “beauty.” All the attributes were shriveled spitefully.

Beauty became visual like the captivating features and dazzling proportions of a handpicked icon choices, from beautiful women’s clothing to bags and shoes, which adds up to the alluring physical physique. This initiated a breakthrough, and as a result, almost everyone turned away from the beauty, and some said goodbye, entirely denying beauty’s power and reality.

However, the wrong concept of beauty that women claim to be the actual scenario is not the real one, so to speak. Beauty never went away, and it is to revive ‘real beauty.' It is not with makeups or women’s clothings or with branded shoes or cosmetics that makes a woman beautiful. Real beauty is more than that. Beauty is manifold, and human eye’s satisfaction enlivens to new pleasures and fresh proofs of inspiration, this is by far, the foundations of what beauty is.

How can a Woman be Beautiful and Alluring without MakeUp? 
How can a Woman be Beautiful and Alluring without MakeUp

Well, how to be attractive and alluring without any makeup, is easy to answer a question. With thousands of cosmetics today, women are set to think that these cosmetics can make one

beautiful. You're wrong! Every face of a woman has its glow and beauty. MakeUp is distorting the natural beauty on your face. Here are some useful tips to enhance your beauty even without makeUp:

1. Your sunscreen is your best friend. Sunscreen seems to be disregarded by most women. Most of the time, women just go out in the streets baking their sensitive and soft skin under the sun. They don't understand what sun can do exposing your skin. When you're still young, you can't see the difference, but as you get older, you will see the result when your skin starts to age and gets rough. Apply a good amount of sunscreen on your face in the morning before you walk out in the sun. It will maintain the freshness and younger look in your face. 

2. A Lemon in a Cup of Hot Water. Drinking one cup of hot water with lemon soothes your skin. Drink it regularly. It will not only smoothen your skin, but it will also eradicate toxins present in your system. You don't need cosmetics or makeups. Try this one. You will feel good.

3.Stop Touching Your Skin. Most women have the habit of always touching their face. Whether it is mannerism or just trying to scratch some itchy flakes, break it up. Every time you rub your eyes, squeeze a pimple or blemishes, you are irritating your smooth skin and causing minor tears on it.

4. Bottoms Up With Water. Drink a lot of water every day. Most ideal is 4 to 6 glasses a day to hydrate you. More water keeps a regular flow of your blood vessels, and it cleanses the veins and intestines from any toxins.

5. Washing Your Face Daily. When you arrived home after work or from some shopping, don’t forget to wash your face before you retire to sleep. Use soap that soothes your face, not a rough one. Wash gently and don’t irritate.

6. Regular Exercise. One of the secrets of a youthful body is regular exercise. Exercise relaxes the body and enhances body circulation. You can do a little jog or just walk. This will tone done your body and allow reflexes to become more active and strong. It will invigorate the sleeping cells and function well again.

7. Better Quality Food. Stay away from carbs and salty food. Have a mixture of vegetables and fruits for your meal. Meat and poultry must not be eaten every day. If you eat more meat than vegetables, your body tends to become heavy and lazy. A variety of vegetable meals will loosen up fats from your body and allows you to have more easily mobilization.

8. Good Night’s Rest. The best time to sleep is before ten o’ clock. A healthy sleep relaxes your body and rejuvenates. It. When you sleep, take away all the stress of the day and focus on a peaceful slumber.

Real beauty is not because of concepts or ideology, but by its reverberation in the heart and mind of those who are responsible. The women are given here the opportunity to speak out. However, its articulation is the responsibility of those who mingle with the ladies worldwide regarding their beauty every day. The greatest challenge is to know real beauty when they have a grasp of it and how to represent in parameters which they mention sincerely.


Jenny Park is a fashion designer by profession and a writer by heart. She writes on behalf of French Connection, a company based in Australia. She spends her vacant time reading about the new and latest fashion craze anywhere in the globe.

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