Haley's Friendship Challenge Children's Book Available on Amazon

Topaz Publishing has just released my new children's book. "Haley's Friendship Challenge" is a beautifully illustrated story about a girl who moves to a new town. 

Unfortunately, she isn’t fitting in and she misses her old friends. 

For her birthday, Haley receives a much-coveted surprise that she shares with no one. 

However, her feelings change when she feels empathy for a neighborhood dog that has also lost her pals. 

After weeks of loneliness, Haley realizes that things are not getting better for either of them; it’s time to make new friends. 

 Haley's Friendship Challenge Available on Amazon

Bio: I am the author of the children's picture book "Gerty the Pig" which is in school systems across the U.S. The book is in the National Accelerated Readers program. 

My co-written song "Strangely Beautiful" was featured in the TV show "Famous In Love" and my co-write  "Angels Of The New Millennium" was licensed to the TV show "Full Circle." 

Ten of my co-writes were on Steve Goodie's kids album "Refrigerator Art" CD. 

My co-write "One More Father's Son" which is about a homeless veteran is a Grammy winner DL Byron's "Satori" CD. "Slippery Forces"is on Boz Boorer's CD "Some Of The Parts." 

There's a real cool video of "Slippery Forces" on youtube.  I have numerous other song co-writes. I'm an excellent ping pong player and love to play beach volleyball.. I also a big time fan of the Green Bay Packers. Author is on Facebook Louie Lawent 

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