Make My Monday a Fashion Statement ~Linkup

Welcome To Make My Monday a Fashion Statement Fashion Linkup Many of you will know me from my blog Oh My Heartsie Girl and I have had this blog for about 9 years and use to have a shopping community where I had 1700 members. 

Our members were from all niches and walks of life. I ran the community for about 5 years and it finally ran its course so I shut it down, but I kept my blog. 

Now I'm excited to get it going again and thought the best way would be to start a Linkup each week.

And a little about my fashion background, for many years I was a manager of a well known women's clothing store located in Dallas, TX, called "Drapers and Damons". The clothing they carry is "Chic & Elegant Clothes for Ladies Over 50" and they have wonderful fashions from daytime, casual, sports and to cruise wear. 

While I was the managed the store, it was my responsibility to run fashion shows, which was a highlight of my week. I would choose the clothes that volunteers from senior living communities or clubs would wear in each of the fashion shows along with accessories. 

It was a major production each time and I enjoyed sharing the fun fashions at luncheons and get togethers. 

Besides Dallas Tx, I traveled to Austin and San Antonio Texas to put on these fashion shows as well, so I have had a lot of experience over the years in fashion and I like you, love shopping and accessorizing. 

This first week I have taken fashions from my Friday Features and Oh My Heartsie Girls WW to share this week in the first......

"Make My Monday a Fashion Statement"! 

So lets get started, here we are with our first fashions, 

several transitioning into fall.

Living On Cloud Nine  

Shellbee On The Edge 

The Style Safari  

Jodie's Touch of Style  

Vanity and Me Style 
Watches by Nordgreen Copenhagen – Choose Your colour 

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Now we all know when attending Linkups there are a few rules:
1.You are welcome to link up 2-3 fashion posts and we encourage you to visit the features to learn more about these ladies.
2. Comment on this linkup, share a bit about yourself.
The party will start Mondays at 6:00 PST and run 5 days!
Be Notified When Party Starts

And now it's time for you to share your 

fashions, accessories or jewelry in our Linkup.

Thank you in advance for joining us and sharing your fashions!!

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  1. Thanks so much for this new link up. I was on vacation when you notified me on my blog, so I couldn't get over here until now. Your background in fashion sounds like it would be my dream job! How fun.


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