Choosing Swimwear Depending On Your Skin Tone

Just like daytime outfits, tees, dresses and pants, even a ‘minor’ thing such as the color of your swimsuit can affect your appearance. As the most revealing part of your wardrobe, swimsuits should complement your whole body – from your best features and flaws, all the way to your skin tone.

Determining your skin tone
We can roughly divide skin tones into not more than two categories – warm and cool. And there are three ways to determine your own.
1. Take a piece of paper or a white towel (it is important that the thing is pure white) and hold it under your chin without any makeup on, under natural light. If your skin is slightly yellow hued, your skin tone has a warm tone, and if it is slightly blue, a cool tone.
2. Take a look at your wrist veins – if they appear blue, your skin tone is cool, and if they appear green, your skin tone is warm.
3. If gold looks better on you, you have a warm skin tone, and if silver looks better on you, you have a cool skin tone.
Warm skin tones can be light, medium or dark with caramel or golden undertones. People with this skin tone generally have gold, yellow, or orange hair with green, brown or hazel eyes.
On the contrary, cool tones range from pale porcelain skin with zero color in the cheeks to darker skin with pink undertones. Hair usually has hints of silver, violet or blue with gray, green, blue, black or cool brown eye color. 
Light skin with light blond/red hair
Even though bold colors can make a statement, they are also showing off your pale side, so soft colors are a much better choice. Go with soft greens, beiges and pinks. With black, it’s a hit or miss, depending on whether your skin is more on the warmer or the cooler side. If you have red hair, you will look great in cobalt blue and white.
Avoid orange and yellow. 
Creamy light skin with dark hair

This is also known as the Snow White combination. And just like Snow White, you should focus on emerald, fuchsia and plum as well as shades of blue such as navy and turquoise.
Avoid orange and white (but yellow is allowed – wink). 
Medium-light skin with brown hair
The warm tone of your skin can be accentuated with rich earthy tones or deep reds. On the other hand, colors with peachy and beige vibes, as well as dark colors like gray and black can make you seem washed out, so avoid them.
Light brown/olive skin with medium/dark brown hair

Oh, congratulations, you are among a few of those who can rock every single color on the color wheel. So this summer, get yourself some sexy, boldly colored swimwear like fire red, for example, that will catch all the eyes at the beach.
However, you should avoid colors like gray and brown, they are simply too lifeless for you.
Caramel skin with brown/black hair
Our precious caramel beauties already have their built-in glow which can be accentuated with the right choice of color. Go with deep oranges, warm purples or teals in order to point out your golden character, and if you want to calm your appearance down, go with something like mint green or navy – they are eye-catching and calm at the same time.

Very dark skin with dark hair
Chocolate beauties can rock pastel colors from baby blue, over soft pink and pale yellow, all the way to mint green and light gray. However, they should avoid colors such as white, brown and orange because those can drown their appearance.
And that would be it. With the right swimwear, you can make your summers even more fun than they usually are. If you have some more tips you would like to share, feel free to comment below.

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