Shop For the Right Mulch For Your Yard

Shopping is a great way to get out and enjoy the day, but another great way to enjoy the day is by just relaxing in your yard with a cool drink in your hand. Before you start pouring the iced tea, make sure you have your yard looking its best with some mulch.

What Are the Benefits Of Using Mulch?

There are a number of benefits that can be grabbed when you use mulch in your garden and landscaping projects. One of the most important benefits of using mulch is the ability of the mulch to insulate the soil and help to keep moisture trapped in the soil. Other benefits to using mulch include the ability to control and manage weeds and to add an extra layer of attractiveness to your yard.

Different Mulch For Different Purposes

Some people realize the importance of mulch to yards and gardens, but they don't always realize different mulch has different purposes. If you want to get the most out of your projects, make sure you are using the proper mulch for the job.

Organic Type Mulches

There are multiple types of bark mulches available. Bark is considered an organic mulch, which means it is made with some form of plant material that will break down over time. This decomposition adds extra benefits for your yard:
  • Add fertility
  • Improve aeration
  • Increase structure
  • Improve drainage

Non-Organic Type Mulches

While providing some solid benefits, non-organic type mulches lake the extra benefits that come with the decomposition of organic mulches. These types of mulches do come with some added benefits that may make them more appealing to people looking for landscape supplies Washington County OR:

  • Little replacing
  • Very decorative
  • Ideal weed control 
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