The Ultimate Guide to Being More Feminine

The artificially created standard of beauty has made it difficult for real women, women with real bodies and real curves to feel powerful, sexy, and confident in their beauty. Most importantly, the women we have been looking at on the glossy pages of women’s fashion magazines are all dressed in sizes zero or two – the general size the trendy garments we see on the runways are made in. For decades, this has managed to send the message that one should alter their body to fit these almost impossible sizes. Luckily, times are changing. The body positivity movement has done so much for every woman who has ever felt insecure. Seeing such women as Ashley Graham walk for designers such as Michael Kors this year has set a great example.

There is plenty more for the fashion industry to do, but inclusivity is on its way. In the meantime, we are here to show you that you don’t have to hide your body, as there are still tons of incredibly flattering garments that will return you to a place you belong – the place of unmatchable femininity and fierceness. If Beyoncé, JLo and numerous other curvy ladies can do it, you can certainly do it too.

The invisible power source

It all starts with the right undergarments. Not only does the right cup size and the right underwear shape make a huge difference in how our clothes fit, but they also have the power to make us feel sexier, more confident and of course – more feminine. We know that the underwear industry has a long tradition of catering to the needs of small cups, and us bustier ladies have to settle for the regular black, white and beige bras, but improvements are being made.    

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There are companies who care about the female body and the feeling their products entice, and one can finally find even cute and supportive G cup bras that will tuck the girls in nicely, provide all the support they need and look sexy, lacy, full of embroidery – all the elements we need to feel sexy.

As for other underwear, panties and such, don’t be shy. Consult the salespeople, ask them which type would best show off your curves without digging into your flesh and making you feel uncomfortable. This is their job – to help you select the best for you, so never be too shy to ask. 

Wear it however you feel like it

Femininity isn’t about getting your body into a tight dress or belting everything. Even Ashley Graham tells us to stop belting everything – let it flow. Long flowy dresses look amazing on curvy girls, and yes, there are times when you will want to belt them, and other times when you won’t. The point is, femininity shouldn’t be dictated by clothes. It’s an internal feeling. It might sound cheesy but you simply have to invoke the goddess from within and wear the clothes as opposed to letting them wear you. Baggy clothes can look wonderful on curvy girls, especially since oversized clothing is one of the major trends of the moment.

Have no fear  

If you think you can’t pull off a bodycon dress or a tight pencil skirt, think again. These types of dresses only serve to enhance your curves, and if you have an area that causes you to feel a bit insecure in pieces like these, ruffles and ruching are always here to your rescue. They are virtually designed to hide all the flaws and make you feel and look spectacular. Therefore, don’t avoid that section of the store. Try it on, find it in your size and flaunt those curves because they weren’t meant to be hidden. Remember, when you have the right undergarments, you can pull anything off.

Keep the balance in mind 

If you, for instance, have wide hips, flared jeans and wide-leg pants are perfect for you. Not only do they give you that extra dose of femininity and chicness, but they also serve to balance out the width of your hips and balance your proportions.  Feminine fabrics

If your torso is shorter than your legs, wear frilly blouses made from such fabrics as silk and don’t tuck them in. This will create the illusion of a longer torso. If you have the opposite problem, the solution is simple – just tuck the blouse in, wear long flared jeans, put on a pair of heels and you’ll look absolutely stunning. Never underestimate the power of proper styling.

Feminine fabrics

Frilly, breathable feminine fabrics such as satin, silk, chiffon, georgette, crepe, organza, soft cotton, velvet, lace, and even tulle will awaken the princess in you, no matter what clothing item they end up making. Flowy fabrics are incredibly powerful. They have the ability to transform a wallflower into a diva, so the next time you go shopping, make sure to check the labels, see if the garments that caught your eye are made out of any of the listed fabrics and just go for it. Don’t run away from patterns. Just keep in mind that tinier ones like tiny checks, small florals and even small animal prints will do your figure more justice that huge patterns and prints. Finally, don’t run away from color – you were made to shine, so ditch the black and white and allow for some color in your life.

A little goes a long way 

Finally, there is the hair and makeup. Again, the power of makeup that perfectly enhances your features is not to be neglected. It is well known that a red lip is the most powerful and feminine weapon of all, so even if you never saw yourself as a red lip girl, try it. We promise, you’ll never go back. Make sure you freshen up your hair color regularly, get a nice trim and a blowout and walk out the salon feeling like a supermodel.

All of these things will bring you more confidence and make you look more feminine. However, most of the work takes place on the inside. Sure, the right clothes and makeup will help, but you have to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you look stunning, elegant and chic. You have to prevent doubt from creeping into your heart. If you have to, fake it for a while. In the end, you’ll begin to believe it. 

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