Dress to Impress: Ways to Look Fabulous in 2019

Dress to Impress: Ways to Look Fabulous in 2019

Okay, after watching every runway and taking the closest of looks into what designers have in store for us for the upcoming spring/summer 2019 season, we are ready to chic and dazzle – dress to impress that is. Now, there is absolutely no need to fall prey to trends and lose your established sense of style. Trends are only here to inspire you and give you options. Then, after a close read, you and your style persona will make the final verdict – what meshes well with your style and what will be allowed into your wardrobe and your life in the upcoming season. As we don’t want to leave you in suspense for any longer, let’s just dive right into the best of what 2019 has for us.

Sharp monochromance

From Burberry and Max Mara to Balmain, this season’s runways were filled with a plethora of beige and all its adjacent hues. Now, beige used to be generally considered dull, but throw amazing design into the mix and watch magic happen. From amazing and ultra-chic and professional beige trench coats by Tom Ford to spring skirt suits from Max Mara, there is no way you won’t stop traffic in outfits such as these. You just need the right bag from the right colour family, along with a pair of nude pumps and you are ready to own the office, formal day events and everything that calls for a touch of sharpness.

The grand return

There will be many an occasion for which you will want to look amazing, romantic and almost ethereal. Now, lace had been out of circulation for a while, but designers seem to have reached a consensus that it’s time to bring it back. Therefore, for your next event or a classy romantic date, dare to wear a glorious lace-infused dress that is bound to make heads turn. A statement purse – preferably a clutch, white heels and you are ready to own the room.

The most impressive one

The age of the power suit is here, and according to all fashion forecasts, it has no intention of fading away anytime soon. Perhaps it will live as long as Adeline from The Age of Adeline movie. The very best thing about a power suit is that you can make a strong statement by wearing both pieces with a simple blouse underneath and look utterly professional and in command, or you can opt to wear them separately and rock the blazer with casual jeans and a tee and the pants with intricate sandals and a flowy blouse. 

Now, there are many suits to choose from – different cuts, colours, patterns. However, given that it will be spring, which calls for more vibrant hues, we suggest you go for something poignant and festive. For instance, since Pantone has declared Living Coral the official colour of 2019, this is the perfect time to infuse one of the most festive hues into your wardrobe and be trendy and impressive at the same time.

Make it personal

Personalized fashion has been a thing for a couple of years now, ever since high-end brands allowed for their loyal customers to have something engraved or sewed on to make the item more meaningful. Now, the trend has boomed even more and you can grab amazing personalised products online. Everything from beach towels, bracelets, cozy denim shirts and even athleisure trend pieces such as cute sweatshirts can now be made unique. Sometimes in order to impress, you need something that’s one of a kind, and now you can get it with the greatest of ease, so given the chance, always make it personal.

Never to be underestimated

The unwritten fashion rule is – if you have the right accessories, you have yourself a great outfit. These pieces simply hold everything together, and you can be wearing the simplest thing in the world like a pair of pale washed jeans and a simple white tee and still look impressive given the right shoes, a signature piece of jewellery and of course – the mighty bag. Animal-print bags are definitely one of the first contenders for your attention. 

A close second are, thanks to the return of logomania, logo-patterned bags – such as the ‘seen everywhere’ Dior saddle bag. Of course, just in case you’re not a huge fan of ostentatious logos, there are plenty of stunning designer bags that will win your heart and enhance your style. Whatever your preference, a designer bag is always a good investment and a definite ‘wow’ factor.

Impressive amount of impressive prints

Surely we couldn’t finish the dress to impress report without taking a look at the prints and patterns that will, aside from certain cuts and colours, be dominating the upcoming season. After paying close attention to runways, it’s safe to say that happy as well as murky florals might just be the most impressive presence. Then, after inspecting Tom Ford’s and Dior’s lines, it has been established that black and patent leather will be huge. The checked print will also be sticking around so if you already own something in this posh print, don’t let go of it. Thanks to Chanel, tweed will be sticking around as well, so when you’re feeling extra posh, do exude your Chanel vibes.
From Dresshead.com
Finally, the concrete jungle will be an inevitability given that the animal print has only begun conquering the world.

Now that you have the full skinny, make sure you pick your battles wisely, go with cuts, colours and prints that make you feel powerful, and most importantly, make you feel like you. Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean you have to own it if it doesn’t speak to your heart. Now, go, and have a productive shopping spree.


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